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Evolve360 Learning Solutions is a full-solutions provider of education and human resource development programs for individuals, Universities and Organizations. We design, develop and deliver high impact skill development programs for school, college, organisation and individual.


Evolve360 Learning Solutions was established by a young, dedicated team of creative professionals, mentored and guided by thinkers, prominent personalities with vast experience in various fields and immense contributions to the society with an aim to provide comprehensive learning solutions.


With rapid changes in global economy and in our society, in a world of uncertainties and cutthroat competition, the demand for skilled workforce is only growing by the day. Our team of experienced professionals makes sure that they bring out the best in the learners and inspire and motivate them with their energy and enthusiasm.



We are committed to deliver highly employable, future ready workforce and contribute to nation’s sustainable growth and development.


Keeping in mind these growing demands of skilled workforce by the industry, Evolve360 Learning Solutions have come out with different set of programs for Schools, Colleges/institutions, corporates and other organizations engaged in providing various other services to the society.


Design and deliver skill development solutions to help educational institutions and organizations meet the ever growing demand for highly productive, globally competitive skilled workforce.

Transform and empower youth through youth centric programs and make them future ready, challenge ready.

Empower under privileged sections of the society and help bring them into mainstream and make them partner in nation’s growth.

Develop entrepreneurship & employability skills to generate more employment opportunities.


Constantly seek excellence in everything we do

Act ethically and care for our quality

Act as a team and as owners

Be consistent between what we say and do

Foster sustainability (social, economic and environmental)


Our trainers and facilitators bring a wealth of collective experience spanning corporate training, communications skills, management development, personality development, positive attitude, leadership, motivation and a gamut of niche trainings needed for education, corporate and public sector. Whilst each has his or her own unique style, all Evolve360’s facilitator/consultant have one thing in common – a passionate commitment to helping others bring out their best and to ultimately inspire those they work and live with to do the same. Our in-house learning consultants hail from variety of industrial and service sectors viz.; IT, Telecom, BFSI, Education, Construction, Infrastructure, Automobile, Aviation, Defense (Indian) and Oil & Gas.


The years of experience of our team spent on professional engagement and training delivery spans from 5 to 25 years.



Apart from our Learning & development company (Evolve360 Learning Solutions), we also promoted a separate technology wing by the name of Cogito Enterprise Solutions. This will also leverage Evolve360 to deliver knowledge base and professional development on emerging technology to its Learning & Development audiences.


The goal of the Cogito is to bring the power of information and its benefits to small and medium-sized enterprise's technology, making our solutions assist in decision making and in the company's management process.


New business models have been made possible an unprecedented speed and other, already mature, are being completely transformed by the possibilities that the digital world offers. Cogito Enterprise Solutions is at the heart of this convergence, helping organisation to enable its digital transformation. With the use of innovative processes and methods of agile development; Cogito designs and develops software products to reposition its customers in the business world.








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