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The multi-faceted challenges we are facing today are complex in nature and have serious implications on our growth. However, these challenges also provide us with opportunities to come out with futuristic solutions, the solutions which would address these challenges effectively to make us more productive, competitive and a great nation.

Numerous surveys and analyses by industry and the government bodies identified that at the core of these challenges is the severe shortage of skilled workforce which is extremely crucial for a nation’s growth.


Our existing education system has been producing millions of unemployable, unskilled or semiskilled graduates every year resulting in increasing gap between employment and education.


Although educated, these graduates are not able to transform their knowledge into skill, hence most of them remain unproductive and our companies struggle to remain globally competitive.


Way Ahead


Our Approach


Major Challenges, Key Reasons and Solutions


The way ahead: Skill Development Education


In order to address these challenges effectively each section of the society has to play their role sincerely and pro-actively especially those working in the education sector in co-ordination with industry and the government.


The strategy to create employable, skilled workforce should be part of a decentralized process since special characteristics of today’s multicultural, multilingual societies play an important part, and one common approach may not fit all.


There is a huge difference between what we are taught in our colleges/universities and the way we actually use that knowledge in the workplace.


Educational institutes across the country, besides providing students with required hard skills/domain knowledge through various courses, must also focus on equipping them with required set of skills as per the industry requirements to make our graduates more competitive, more productive and future ready human resources in their quest for minimizing the gap between education and employment.


Benefits to Stake Holders


This would gradually lead to the overall social development and a better prospect for everyone.

Our 360° Approach



Understanding the learners / participants and the environment (In association with the management)



Plan, Conceptualize and drive the reason



Brainstorm, create and test the solution. Seek feedback and incorporates changes accordingly



Communicate and deliver the solution (Certify participants and post-training assistance)



Assess the effectiveness (ability to implement learning gathered by participants). Refresher or surveillance programs

Delivery Methodology & Tools


- Instructor Led Training

- Presentations

- Syndicated & Individual Exercises

- Group & Individual Presentations

- Role-Plays

- Real-Plays

- Case Studies

- Games

- E-learning

- Questionnaires

- 90 degree non-linear feedback

All Evolve360 learning programs are highly interactive with entertaining and insight-filled presentations (approx. 30% of scheduled time); together with dyad and small team discussions and practical application of techniques to real life situations (approx. 70% of scheduled time). Though the content in our programs are based on substantial amount of academic study and research, our presentation style is deliberately jargon-free and communicated in a common-sense, down-to-earth manner that produces immediate practical results. Unlike any other training program you've ever experienced, our customized training modules don’t just teach, they demand active learning. We engage your team directly and involve them in the learning process. This unique approach gives your team the tools and confidence to positively impact their relationships, competencies and certainly ROI.


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