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We understand there cannot be same solutions for different needs at every level. Since, the needs and the objectives of people and organizations at different level vary; the solutions too ought to be different. Even the needs and objectives evolve as we move ahead; hence the solutions also need to evolve in the process.


Keeping this very fact in mind we offer various solutions for schools, colleges and corporates which would fulfill their unique need and objective.




SkillsTest Pro™

SchoolEdge™ - Solutions for Schools


The development of any society has been massively hampered by the long following tendency of “misfits”; the most intellectual people are not at the right place; and this effects the national growth in most obnoxious manner. There are many imbalances, which are the major cause of increase in tension, stress and under-performance in students, and need to be tackled, so as to help students to reach the places where they’d best fit in as per their capabilities, aptitude and attitude.


The SchoolEdge™ solutions framework handle this situation in a very unique and comprehensive way, so that the students are not just able to find out their abilities but also have a brighter view of their relationship with their own self, teachers & parents.


We are also, focused to instill a new life to all these relations which are building blocks of next generation of professionals. Therefore, keeping these in mind we are offering programs which are not limited to students but also, is beneficial for teachers & parents.

Our Learning Solutions from the SchoolEdge ™ framework:

  • For Students


    - Self-Analysis & Goal Setting

    - Communication Skills

    - Confidence Building

    - Leadership Development

    - Time Management

    - Stress Management

    - Memory Retention

    - Career Counseling

  • For Teachers


    - Teacher‐Student Rapport Building

    - Confidence Building for Teachers

    - Leadership for Teachers

    - Time Management

    - Experiencing Role Reversal

    - Framework for Action Learning and Research (Advance programs)

    - Transformational Teaching Methods (Advance programs)

    - Mezirow's Ten Phases of Transformational Learning (Advance programs)


  • For Parents


    - Listening Skills for Parents of Adolescents

    - Problem Solving & Decision Making for Parents

    - Effective Communication Skills for Parents

    - Know your child as a friend

    - Child-Parent Rapport Building

    - Work-Life Balance

CollegeEdge™ - Solutions for Colleges, Universities & Professional Institutions


It’s time for a revolution in education. Economy is changing drastically. The world is much more competitive. Our students need twice the knowledge and skill set to keep pace. To gain an edge, students must invest considerably more time and effort. We need a new approach to education that delivers a bolder and smarter education relevant to real life that raises the bar for expectations and results.


Our goal? It goes way beyond graduation or college. It’s about preparing each student for a life of success.


We move students in the right direction—EVOLUTION. We show them the opportunities for skills that a great learning experience opens up—a well-rounded life full of achievement and adventure. We help them accomplish goals well beyond the established expectations of even the best colleges. All these aspects are now transformed into a framework namely CollegeEdge™ that will cater to each and every conceivable nuance of learning & development a college or a university might need!


The CollegeEdge™ solutions framework takes care of all the learning needs of Students and teachers alike.

Our Learning Solutions from the CollegeEdge ™ framework:

  • For Students


    - Professional Excellence Program (Emphasis on Industry Readiness)

    - Communication skills (With emphasis on English)

    - CollegeEdge Continuous Development Program (From 1st year to 4th year)

    - Management Development Program (All Industrial Domains)

    - Interview Preparation

    - Reasoning

    - Quantitative Aptitude

    - Attitude Building

    - Leadership Skills

    - Stress Management

    - Presentation Skills

    - Organizational Ethics

    - Essential Skills for MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Project, Outlook, Word etc.)

    - Essential Skills for Business Analytics (SAS, Advanced Excel etc.)

    - Professional Software Skills (.Net, SQL, Java, C++ etc.)


  • For Teachers


    - Teacher‐Student Rapport Building

    - Leadership for Teachers

    - Time Management

    - Experiencing Role Reversal

    - Essential Coaching Skills

    - Framework for Action Learning and Research (Advance programs)

    - Transformational Teaching Methods (Advance programs)

    - Mezirow's Ten Phases of Transformational Learning (Advance programs)


CorporateEdge™ - Solutions for Corporate Organization


Most of the organizations need a Learning & Development (L&D) Strategy or are in the process of making one. The need of a L&D strategy is a plan designed to align advancement and training needs within an organization and establish a strategy to deliver education to cover those needs. What we have understood after discussing with many L&D leaders that organizations determines their L&D needs based on the following business strategies/drivers:

• Growth

• Acquisitions

• Operational excellence

• Globalization

• Systems and products innovation and integration

• Organizational capabilities and core competencies

• Developing human assets

Each and every organization has its own unique training requirements which stems from its unique strategy, existing skill level, existing processes, projects in hand, among other things. Evolve360 respects this difference by treating each and every assignment as a separate project. The contents and methodology of the training is ascertained only after assessing the needs and objectives of the training.


This framework will help our clients gain the necessary knowledge and strength to perform and deliver as well as diversify themselves at par with global L&D dynamics. This  also, enables us to partner with organization's learning & development strategies and enables individual professionals to get insight and rightful competencies needed while taking care of several other possibilities.

Our Learning Solutions from the CorporateEdge ™ framework:

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills Development


    - Advanced Communication Skills

    - Effective Presentation Skills

    - Maximizing Organizational Communication

    - Managerial Communication

    - Managing Effective Meetings

    - Innovation & Creative Thinking

    - Problem Solving and Decision Making

    - Emotional Intelligence for Corporate

    - Power Persuasion and Negotiation Skills

    - Effective Time Management

    - Managing Stress

    - Managing Work-Life balance

    - Handling Difficult People in the Workplaces

  • Leadership & Motivation


    - Building High Performance Team

    - The New Leader

    - Leadership and Change Management

    - Real Coaching & Mentoring

    - Employee Motivation & Success

    - Team Motivation & Performance

    - Leadership and Communication

  • Customer Service, Sales & Marketing


    - Excellence in Customer Service

    - Handling Customer Grievance

    - Effective Telephone Skills

    - Converting Enquiries into Customers

    - Customer Relationship Management

    - Customer Service for Retail

    - Marketing for Results

    - Strategic Marketing Plan

    - Practical Brand Management

    - Marketing for Internet and Social Media

    - Techniques for Power Selling

    - Advanced Selling Skills

    - Value Based Selling

    - Effective Territory Management

    - Leadership and Sales Management


  • Human Resources & Workforce Development


    - Excellence in Customer Service

    - Development of Women Employees

    - Practical Job Analysis & Job Description Techniques

    - Effective Employee Relationship Management

    - Objectives and Performance Management

    - Advanced Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection Skills

    - Simplified Compensation & Benefits

    - Effective Workforce Development & Planning

    - Harassment/discrimination Awareness in the Workplace

    - Managing HR Compliance (Indian & Global Context)


  • Other Specialized Programs


    - Fundamentals of Project Management

    - Organization and People Change Management

    - Why Diversity Matters

    - Business and Financial Reporting Using Microsoft Excel

    - Practical Scheduling Using Microsoft Project

    - Advanced Microsoft Excel for Operations

    - PM Fundamentals for IT Professional

    - Risk Management for IT Professional

    - Requirements Management for IT Professional

    - Practical Reviews & Walkthroughs

    - Fundamentals of IT Service Management

    - Inventory Planning and Stock Control

    - Finance for Non-Finance Managers

    - Fundamentals of Six-Sigma


SkillsTest Pro™ - A Complete Assessment Solution


SkillsTest Pro is the ideal platform for Web-Based Learning Assessments, Needs Assessments, CBT, Course Evaluations, Sales & Product Training Evaluation, On-Line Quizzes, Product & Services Certifications, Recruitment & Placement Evaluations, Knowledge and Academic Evaluations, Marketing & Customer Satisfaction Surveys. This can serve learners, employees and educators. It provides platform for designing, implementing and conducting simple to complex assessment of skills / subjects / programs. It can serve as a Platform to conduct surveys, opinions and customer feedback. This has intelligent recording technique for Excel inputs, Audio, Video & text files.




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